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Please read through our quick troubleshooting points before requesting service.  Most issues can be resolved easily by reviewing these basic procedures.

If you still are experiencing problems with your pureWash, fill out the short form and a representative will process your request shortly.

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1.     Do you have the proper pureWash unit for your machine?


Top load or front load washing machine:


Please check your packaging to see which pureWash unit you received. If you no longer have the packaging, you can still confirm which unit you have one of two ways

Refer to the back of your actual pureWash unit to see whether it says, "High Flow," or, "Low Flow."

By looking at the Venturi part on your unit, A Top Load, High Flow unit will have the letter, "A," stamped on the Venturi.


·          A Top Load or standard washing machine requires a High Flow pureWash unit.


·          A Front Load or high efficiency washing machine requires a Low Flow pureWash unit. 


Solutions.switch out the, "plumbing," within the pureWash (very simple procedure) or if necessary switch out the unit for a high flow. Also, some high efficiency Top Load units have a high water flow, such as a standard washing machine, but simply use less water. When this is the case a High Flow unit should be installed with the High Efficiency Top Load.


2.     Unit fails to turn on


Hose or power connection problem


Check the power cables for secure connection and make sure the hoses to your pureWash are connected to the correct inlet/outlet.


3.     Alarm Sounding


Condensation or a leak has pooled water along the bottom of the pureWash


Remove the Power Cord and cover of your pureWash. Clean any standing water and dry the sensor on the bottom panel with alcohol. If the problem persists contact your distributor or dealer.


4.     Flashing red light


Oxidizing Module has failed


Contact your distributor or dealer for replacement.


5.     Pressure going into the pureWash is too low


May require a, "Y," to reach a pressure of 40psi or valve replacement


·          When there's not enough pressure going to the pureWash unit, it may require an inline, "Y," prior to your pureWash inlet connection. Hook both your cold and hot water supply to one end and the single hose to the pureWash inlet.

The idea behind this fix is that by adding the, "Y," and having your cold and hot water supply running to your pureWash at the same time, you will increase the amount of water pressure going to your pureWash unit. Creating, a quick and inexpensive fix which has been proven to work in the field. (Cost of a, "Y," is generally $6 to $8 from your local hardware store). 


-Washing machines that require a, "Y," are the Whirlpool Duet.

Note: pureWash will continue to give you effective cleaning power as long as the water temp does not rise above seventy-five (75) degrees.


·          If you are on a well, you may need to have your flow valve replaced with a higher pressure switch. A minimum of 40psi is needed for the pureWash unit to work properly.


6.   Light remains on after unit finishes cycle


Flow switch is stuck/something lodged in unit


·          Remove the Power Cord and cover of your pureWash then tap the right side of the pureWash vertical plumbing, where the wiring is attached to the Flow Switch to release the switch. If this does not work, insert a pencil or item of similar shape into the pureWash's inlet to free the flow switch.


·          If this does not solve the problem, try back flushing the unit by switching the hoses on the pureWash inlet/outlet and place the inlet hose into the basin or bucket to drain or clear the unit of any sediment that may be lodged inside the unit. Once this is completed, please return the hoses to the proper inlet/outlet position.


7.     No ozone smell in laundry


Chlorine in water or Oxidizing Module


First try closing the lid until the washer is ¾ to completely full and you should be able to smell the ozone very easily when you re-open the lid.


·          If there is no ozone smell or the smell is very faint, you may have too much chlorine in your water for the process to work properly. Simply add an in-line filter to the hose between the cold water spigot and your pureWash unit. Buy a quality carbon filter from PPI or go to your local hardware or water treatment store and ask for an in-line filter system. Retails range from $30 on up. Our quality in-line filter unit (includes a filter) has an MSRP of $79.00 and is relatively easy to install as most all are. (Expected life of our filter is 1 year).


·          Or if there is no ozone smell, it may be producing ozone, but not injecting it into the water correctly. If bubbles are present, the Oxidizing Module may have failed. Contact your distributor or dealer for replacement.


8.       No bubbles are being created


Incorrect pressure before/pressure or air lock in unit/after Venturi or Venturi is plugged


·          First thing you will want to do is check for obstruction between the pureWash and the washer (inlet screen to washer). Ensure house pressure at the supply valve has minimum of 40psi, this is required for the unit to work properly. (If pressure is under 40psi, please refer to question five).


·          If this does not solve the problem and the blue light is coming on, but there's no bubble, it may be due to pressure vapor or an air lock. Pull the clear hose from it's fitting that goes into the Venturi and replace. This will release possible air lock in hose.


·          If this fails to correct the problem then back flush your unit by switching the hoses on the pureWash inlet/outlet and place the inlet hose into the basin or bucket to drain to clear the Venturi. Then return hoses to proper connections.


  9.     Clothes are being bleached or getting bleach spots


Incorrect pureWash or Venturi part


Most likely problem is that you have a Low Flow unit with a High Flow washing machine. The fill rate is much slower than a High Flow unit, so it is possible that a higher than normal concentration of ozone is being added to the water, which may cause this bleaching action to occur.


First, you need to confirm which pureWash unit is installed. Please refer to question number one (1) in the troubleshooting guide.


10.      Suds in the basin after first uses


Detergent or residue is being cleaned out


Run multiple washes without clothing until the problem is resolved. If problem persists contact your distributor or dealer.


11.      Discoloration occurs in the viewing tube


High Tannin levels in your water


The use of a Pre-filter is required. Contact local water specialist to find proper filter to remove Tannins.


12.      Strong odors in clothes are not coming out 


Highly soiled clothing or extreme odors


When for example college students bring homes clothes that contain really bad body odors that have sat for weeks, a dish cloth that becomes extremely pungent, gym clothes that have sat in a bag for an excessive amount of time, etc. the pureWash system may not make the clothes smell as fresh as desired.


Remember, this product cleans normally soiled clothes as well or better then detergents do. Try the following options: 


To eliminate extreme odors or heavily soiled clothing, add one tablespoon of Oxy Clean to your laundry water.


Or add 1/8 cup of your liquid detergent to your wash water.


Either option should solve the problem.


Note: Any stains that you would have normally pretreated before using pureWash, such as ring around the color, wine stains, etc. you will still need to pretreat today.


13.       Whites are getting dingy


Poor water quality or foreign particles


Typically, if whites are starting to get dingy it is due to poor water quality, corroded pipes or foreign particles in your water, such as iron.


Use one tablespoon of Oxy Clean and it will help with this issue. pureWash requires little to no detergent fabric softener or bleach.


Call PPI First!

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RMA# is required to complete service request form.


After filling out request please review the proof of purchase submission options on the following page! Your request will NOT be processed without submitting the proof of purchase.

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