Hot Logic

Hot Logic 4Most people know the advantages of a microwave oven are its speed and convenience. It also has drawbacks - food that's under/over cooked, cold and hot spots, and sometimes the food is dried out. You also can't use metal objects inside a microwave. Now there's a new way to heat your food, be it fresh or frozen, from home or the grocery store. You can even use the container of your choice, whether it’s metal, glass, plastic, or paper. It's called HOT LOGIC! The Hot Logic is the ultimate slow cooker with a brain. Each shelf contains a microprocessor that recognizes the presence of a meal, calculates its thermal mass, generates a customized heating schedule, and then heats it from the bottom up. The food is never overcooked eliminating any mess and clean up. There are no buttons to push, no stirring, no covers to vent, the Hot Logic does it all. When a meal is placed on a shelf, it triggers a blue indicator light as the heating process begins.

Hot Logic 8When the food reaches the target temperature of 165 degrees, the blue LED light turns red. The food will be held at the 165 degrees for up to 12 hours, without drying out the food. The units are available in multiple numbers of shelves. You can put your favorite breakfast in the Hot Logic before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning it will be ready to eat when you are. The same is true for lunch and dinner; you can put your dinner in before you leave for work and when you come home you’ll have a hot meal ready to serve. The average cooking time is 70 minutes and the Smartshelf will heat and hold your meal until you are ready to eat. Safety is another plus with the Hot Logic. You can put your child's favorite snack in the Hot Logic before you go to work, and when your children come home from school it’s ready to eat. There’s no chance of them being burned using the stove or of food exploding in the microwave. This new technology provides the right meals at the right temperature and at the right time!