F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)


We love hearing from our customers!  If you have a question about any of our products or how they work, then ask away!  We'll add your questions and our answers to our FAQ page below!


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F.A.Q. - Questions & Answers


• How long have you been in business?

We've been in business for over 45 years bringing our local communities, and now the entire country, the very best in quality-tested and Pure Products to your homes.


How long does it take to ship my order?

We will ship to anywhere in the continental United States, free of charge. Most orders leave the warehouse within 48 hours after placing your order!


I am interested in becoming a dealer or distributor.

PPI would be happy to walk you through the process of becoming an authorized dealer/distributor of any of our products.  Please contact us today to get the ball rolling!


Is the Hard Water Genie a whole house water softener?

The Genie is designed to attach to your home's main water supply and give all the benefits of soft water, at a fraction of the cost.